Nurturing the light within. Illuminating the path ahead.

Re-introduce every female to her Creator

Promote Islam as a complete way of being

Explore positive solutions to real problems

Challenge mediocrity and complacency





Balance & Growth



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About Zahraa Institute

Zahraa Institute was founded in 2011 as Darun Na’im li Zuhur by Muallima Radia Bawa. A branch of Darun Na’im in Wynberg, run by Moulana Allie Goder, its core objective was the one-year Qur’an program which enabled a student with no Arabic background to understand the Qur’an in one year within a supportive and nurturing environment. From an initial intake of 20 students in 2011, the institution has since grown to 90 students in 2017.

In 2017, Darun Naim li-Zuhur underwent an organisational change and rebranded as Zahraa Institute, an independent educational institution by women and for women.  This was a strategic decision undertaken to provide a diversified offering whilst maintaining a unified ethos.

The name “Zahraa” was chosen as it is derived from the root word za-hi-ra meaning “illumination” or “radiance”. At Zahraa, we aim to connect every woman to the light of the Qur’an – a light which revives, restores, illuminates and permeates even the most seemingly impenetrable of hearts.

We are dedicated to educating women of all ages and seeing them flourish and thrive. We believe that every tool for personal development exists within the Qur’an and Sunnah, with which we aim to equip ourselves and our students. Zahraa Institute seeks to assist the student on their journey towards their Creator by providing a warm, loving and motivating environment in which to navigate the Qur’anic text in the language of its revelation and offering a basic explanation and interpretation of the Qur’an. Through the extraction of life lessons from the Qur’an, the light of faith within each of us is re-ignited and nurtured, connecting to the light of His Word and ultimately illuminating our path towards Him.

Quick Info

Founder & Director
Muallima Radia Bawa

2011 (20 students)

1 Director
9 Female Teachers
10 Tutors
1 Head of Administration
2 Admin Supports
1 Social Worker/Counsellor
1 Life Coach
1 Head of Marketing

Student Body
133 students

388 Alumni

Taronga Road Mosque (Masjid Ghiedmatul Islam), Taronga Road, Crawford, Rondebosch East, Cape Town, South Africa

Zahraa Meaning
Taken from the Arabic root letters za-hi-ra meaning “illumination” or “radiance”.