The Course at a Glance

Onsite Learning

Campus: Taronga Road Mosque (Masjied Ghiedmatiel Islamia)

95 Taronga Road, Crawford Cape Town, 7770

(Female Section Downstairs)

Please Note: Online learning may supplement onsite learning in the event of unforeseen disruptions to onsite learning.


Online Learning

Online Learning LIVE via Zoom. Access to all lesson video recordings and course material.

Please Note: Online students are welcome to attend lessons onsite on an ad-hoc basis, granted there is sufficient space available to accommodate the student, as permitted by our Administrators.


Days & Times

Monday – Thursday: 8:15am – 12:55pm


2024 Terms

As per the 2024 National School Calendar:

Term 1: 17 Jan – 20 Mar
Term 2: 03 Apr – 14 Jun
Term 3: 09 Jul – 20 Sep
Term 4: 01Oct – 11 Dec

Please Note: We reserve the right to amend term dates pending unforeseen interruptions or Islamic Holidays.


2024 Important Dates

Book Collection: Monday 15 & Tuesday 16 January 2024
Formal Orientation Day: Wednesday 17 + Thursday  18 January 2024
Classes Commence:  Monday 22 January 2024
Financial Aid Deadline: Friday 26 January 2024


Online applications only. No walk-in registrations allowed.


Additional Services

We offer several additional services throughout the year that are aimed at supporting the student’s needs, such as:

  • a counselling service
  • academic support
  • workshops
  • guest speakers
  • team building sessions and social events with teachers and fellow students.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Prior Qur’an studies: Applications will only be considered from students who have completed our Qur’an Focus – Year 1 course or an equivalent course at other Islamic Studies institutions. Applicants will need to submit previous academic records or may be interviewed to provide supporting documents.
  • A Gmail email account (If needed, please create an account by clicking here).
  • A mobile phone with a WhatsApp number.
  • A commitment to set aside at least 1-2 hours a day to revise the work covered in class and to try to attend all or most classes.
  • A positive mindset and strong desire to learn the Islamic Sciences.


Onsite Learning:

  • Access to reliable Internet or mobile data to access supplementary learning material.
  • Access to a device such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet for reading online books (recommended).
  • Online Learning may supplement Onsite Learning in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Onsite students are advised to prepare for this potentiality. In this event, the below online learning pre-requisites will be applicable.


Online Learning:

  • Access to a device such as a laptop, desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Access to reliable Internet or mobile data to access daily Zoom lessons, video recordings and supporting course materials.
  • A quiet workspace with a desk/table and a chair.
  • Headphones/ earphones (optional).
  • A commitment to submit all completed tests and assignments within the stipulated timeframes.
  • A personal responsibility towards keeping up with the course pace by either attending the LIVE Zoom lessons where possible or watching the available video recordings.



Full-Year Subjects (Subject to change)

Further Qur’an Study: Application of Arabic concepts – Ml Ielhaam January
‘Ulum al-Qur’an: A study of the Sciences of Qur’an
– Ml Gairiyah Samsodien
Aqīdah: A study of the 6 Principles of Faith
– Ml Saffaa Saban
Hadith Study: Translation and analysis of selected ahadith
– Ml Radia Bawa
‘Ulum al-Hadith: A study of the Sciences of Hadith
– Ml Khalil Hendricks
Essentials of Fiqh: Understanding worship and living with others
  – Ml Muaadth Allie and Ml Laylah Khan
Sīrah: Lives of Inspiration
– Sh Ismail Londt
Personal & Spiritual Development: Daily advice on living Islam
Tazkiyah (Self-Purification)
– Ml Roshaan Misbach
Etiquettes for Qur’an
– Ml Hajir Bawa

Detailed Course Information

Study essential Islamic Sciences for Living Islam. This one-year programme aims to provide a firm foundation in both the understanding and application of Islamic teachings for females.

This programme aims to remove doubt, confusion and spiritual indifference through knowledge that is authentic, applicable and inspiring. The topics covered expound more deeply on the principle teachings of the Qur’an and provide the student with a good coverage of classical Islamic Sciences. The prescribed course content will largely be English-based and are presented by a diverse set of teachers.

Aqīdah: An Everlasting Contract

Exploration of the contract between ourselves and our Creator through a detailed study of the 6 principles of faith:

  • Belief in Allah
  • Angels
  • Divine Scripture
  • The Prophets
  • The Day of Judgement
  • Pre-Ordainment

Fiqh 2: Essentials of Understanding Worship

A comprehensive study of the essentials of living Islam, through worship and living with others:

  • Practical aspects of worship such as purification (Taharah), prayer (Salah), menstruation (Hayd), intimate parts of the body (Awrah), fasting (Sawm), obligatory alms-giving (Zakāh) and pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah)
  • Fulfilling our rights and responsibilities towards others including contract law, marriage (Nikah), divorce (Talaq), trade and inheritance (Mirath)

Sīrah: Lives of Inspiration

An exploration of various accounts of prophets, luminaries and important figures in history.

Personal & Spiritual Development

A study of spiritual guidelines, relevant life skills and tools:

  • Studying the guidelines given by scholars in striving to emulate the most exemplary form of character with the Qur’an (Al-Tibyān fī ādāb ḥamalat al-Qurʿān by Imam al-Nawawi)
  • A summary of concepts essential for personal growth presented by a qualified Life Coach and Counsellor
  • Modernity and Islam

Further Qur'an & Hadith Study

A further study of the sciences and practical analysis of Qur’an and Hadith is undertaken, incorporating:

  • linguistic analysis, including a practical application of the Nahw & Sarf concepts learnt
  • translation and basic tafsīr (explanation and commentary) of selected chapters from the Riyād as-Salihīn collection of Hadith
  • essential study of the classical sciences of Qur’an and Hadith

Further Qur'an Study:

Revision and further application of Arabic concepts covered in Year 1 through Arabic texts as well as Qur’anic sections:

  • Additional focus on Qur’an
  • Arabic Reader

Hadith Study: The Prophets ﷺ Word

A reading of various ahadith from Riyād as-Salihīn with the objective of gaining spiritual insights as well as practically demonstrating concepts evident in the Sciences of Hadith.

'Ulum al-Qur'an: Sciences of Qur'an

Introductory study of the Sciences of Qur’an:

  • Knowledge of those sciences that have a direct bearing on the recitation, history, understanding and implementation of the Qur’an
  • Understanding the Qur’an from a literary perspective and exploring the miraculous nature of its stricture, content and rhetoric
  • An overview of  presenting and teaching in conjunction with ‘Ulum al-Qur’an
  • Divine Speech and Foundations of Usul

'Ulum al-Hadith: Sciences of Hadith

An understanding of the methodology of Hadith as well as its history and development.

Additional Services

We strive to meet the diverse needs of our students with a range of additional support services:

On-site Counselling

Student support is offered in the form of on-site private counselling sessions with qualified counsellors for students who experience difficulties – including those arising from personal circumstances – which adversely affects their personal progress and learning experience.

Workshops & Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are invited periodically to address the class, sharing their knowledge of specific fields and providing unique insights into relevant topics.

Workshops are arranged to complement the learning modules in the existing curriculum, offering a practical component aimed at promoting personal development.

Teambuilding & Social Events

School functions, team building sessions and social events are conducted throughout the year, integrated into the course curriculum, from the Zahraa Alumni Network and in collaboration with other institutions.

These are aimed at providing a space for healthy socialisation as well as to encourage active and engaged citizenship.

Course Fees

Important Course Fee Info:

Course fees contribute towards the financial sustainability of the institute and assist with delivering a high-quality learning experience. Catering to the individual financial circumstances of our students, we offer course fee payment options as well as financial assistance for eligible students.

  • Annual Course Fees: R13000 per student
  • Financial Aid: For eligible students who reside in South Africa, financial assistance is available for full or partial cover of course fees, inshaAllah. Please apply for Financial Aid here.
  • Full-year course charged as a yearly fee: The course runs from January to December and students are required to please pay fees according to the payment option chosen. Fees are due irrespective of number of sessions attended that month/quarter.


Payment Options

Students may choose from one of three course fee payment options:

  • Three payment options are available: Monthly (Jan – Oct), Quarterly or once-off Annual. Quarterly and Annual payments are preferred to ease the administration.
  • Monthly course fee payments: This payment option extends over a period of 10 months i.e. from Jan – Oct and is due by the 20th of each month.
  • Quarterly course fee payments: Fees are due in the first month of each quarter by the 20th of each month i.e. by the 20th of Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct.
  • Family discount: Applicable to those who have 2 or more family members from the same household attending the course.
  • Early bird discount: Applicable for a once-off annual payment of fees. This offer is applicable until 28 February 2024. Students who deregister during the year can request a pro-rata refund on annual payments.
  • Special Circumstances: In anomaly cases, whereby a student is no longer able to attend classes during the year, we request that they please formally notify us via email, so that we may deregister them from the course.
  • International students: Please contact us to confirm fees. Payment via PayPal.

Fees and Payment Options

 Per Student  2 Students from 1 Household
Non-refundable fee includes select course materials. R500 R1000
Jan – Oct paid over 10 months.

Due by the 20th of each month.

R1300 R2400
1st: Jan – Mar

Due by the 20th of Jan.

R3250 R6000
2nd: Apr – Jun

Due by the 20th of Apr.

R3250 R6000
3rd: Jul – Sept

Due by the 20th of Jul.

R3250 R6000
4th: Oct – Dec

Due by the 20th of Oct.

R3250 R6000
Once-off Annual:
Early Bird Discount valid until 28 Feb 2023 R11700 R21600

Payment Methods

Fees can be paid as a Bank EFT only. We request that students kindly refrain from making cash deposits into the bank account.

International payments via PayPal.


Banking Details

Account Name: Zahraa Institute NPC

Bank: First National Bank

Account Type: Cheque Account

Account No: 62329602206

Branch Code: 250 655


Please take note of the specific payment references for the registration and course fees:


Reference (Registration Fee):

Name + Surname + LI2024

e.g. Jane Doe LI2024

Please Note: NO NEED to send proof of payment or to follow-up with us regarding your payment – please patiently await our correspondence. If no correspondence is received 1 month AFTER you have made payment, then please notify us via email to query your application.


Reference (Course Fees):

Name + Surname + 2nd Yr

e.g. Jane Doe 2nd Yr