The Course at a Glance


Taronga Road Mosque (downstairs female section)
Rondebosch East


Days & Times

Monday – Thursday: 8:15am – 12:55pm


2020 Terms

Term 1: 15 January – 20 March
Term 2: 31 Mar – 12 June
Term 3: 07 July – 18 September
Term 4: 29 September – 04 December


Further Qur’an study, History, Hadith, Aqidah, Essentials of Fiqh, and more…


Additional Services

We offer several additional services throughout the year that are aimed at supporting the student’s needs, such as:

  • a counselling service
  • academic support (tutorial sessions)
  • workshops
  • guest speakers
  • team building sessions and social events with teachers and fellow students.

Course Fees

Course fees contribute towards the financial sustainability of the institution and assist with delivering a high quality learning experience.

Fees can be paid as a cash payment to the Administrator or as a Bank EFT (preferred method):

Bank: First National

Account Type: Cheque Account

Account No: 62329602206

Branch Code: 250 655

Reference (Registration Payments): 

Name + Surname + 2020

Important: NO NEED to send proof of payment or to follow-up with us regarding your payment – please patiently await our correspondence. If no correspondence is received 1 month AFTER you have made payment, then please email us to query your application.

Reference (Monthly Course Payments): 

LI + Month + Name + Surname

eg. LI JAN Name Surname

Single Person
(per person)
Two from a Household
(for both)
Quarterly Payments:
1st: Jan – Mar R1800 R3000
2nd: Apr – Jun R1800 R3000
3rd: Jul – Sept R1800 R3000
4th: Oct – Dec R1800 R3000
Once-off Annual Payment (Discounted) R6500 R11000
Jan-Oct R720 R1200
Once-off Non-Refundable Registration Fee R400 R800
  • Three payment options are available: Monthly, Quarterly or Annually (Quarterly and Annual payments are preferred to ease the administration).
  • Family discounts: Applicable to those who have 2 or more family members from the same household attending the course.
  • Early bird discount: Applicable for once-off annual payment of fees. This offer is applicable until the end of February 2020. Students who deregister during the year can request a pro-rata refund on annual payments.
  • Course is charged as a yearly fee: i.e. January to December and students are please required to pay fees according to the payment option chosen. Fees are due irrespective of number of sessions attended that month/quarter.
  • Special Circumstances: In anomaly cases, whereby a student is no longer able to attend classes during the year, we request that they please formally notify us via email, so that we may deregister them from the course.