Frequently Asked Questions

Zahraa Institute’s policy is that no student will ever be turned away or disadvantaged due to financial difficulty.  If you cannot afford the full course fee or cannot afford anything at all, you are still more than welcome to attend.

As an institution, we do offer Financial Aid, which covers the Registration fee and Course fee (or part thereof) if required. Please ensure that you complete the Financial Aid form on our website under “Apply for 2021” or apply by clicking here: Apply for Financial Aid

There are no minimum qualifications required in order to attend the course. However, students should ideally have a positive mind-set and strong desire to learn the meaning of the Qur’an; a basic ability to read Arabic (Students will never be asked to recite in class – this is NOT a Quran reading/Hifth/Tajweed course); and a commitment to set aside at least 1-2 hours a day to revise the work covered in class and to try to attend all or most classes

We offer 2 full-year courses according to the school terms:

Our Year 1 – Qur’an Focus course is offered either in-class (recommended) or online. Students have to apply for 1 option only: either online or in-class learning.

Our Year 2 – Living Islam course is only offered in-class.

Course material for both in-class or online learning are freely available online to supplement the learning of our student body in their own time, as well as for anyone who wishes to take benefit from it.


Please note: Online learning may supplement in-class learning pending Covid-19 Lockdown interruptions to in-class learning.

For alternatives, our sister institutions have part-time offerings. Please see below – Other Arabic & Qur’an Study Institutions – for schools offering part-time classes in the Cape Town area.


You are most welcome to attend a class and speak with any of the available staff members if you have any queries about the course. Please contact our office to make arrangements.

We recognise that everyone has different reasons for pursuing Islamic studies and therefore offer 2 certification streams, catering for the needs of both the academically-minded student who wishes to pursue further studies in the Islamic sciences as well as the student who simply wants to obtain the benefit of the Qur’an, but is unable to or not inclined to meet the academic requirements of the course. The requirements for the latter are significantly less rigorous and do not require any test submissions at all.

If you prefer to register in this stream, please inform the admin support when registering.

Zahraa Institute has no specific dress code. However, clothing must be modest and appropriate to wear for salah.