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A Quran-Inspired Education

Full-time Grade R to Grade 4


Life-long Learning

Inspires life-long learning through discovery and interaction


Faith and Character

Nurtures innate purity and develops beautiful character


Relevant and integrated

Theme-based answering life’s fundamental questions



Develops skills, attitudes and capabilities for today’s world

GoodTree Educational Offering

A way of life

Firm faith embedded throughout the entire learner experience

Experiential faith through daily repetition of athkaar and duas

Character development and self-reflection taught through the Ghazali for kids syllabus and prophetic stories

Present Islamic teachings through practical methods such as via arts and crafts, role-playing and story-telling

To present positive role models through prophetic stories and great lives

Incorporate essential knowledge of practice and the wisdom underlying it.

Quran, Arabic
and Quran Memorisation

Quran Memorisation

A dedicated hifth teacher with one-one sessions per child, customised to the learners ability

Group memorisation of short surahs


Arabic and Quranic studies

Gently incorporate day to day conversational Arabic.

Introduction to language and linguistic structures

Quran stories to share Quran values and teachings

Creative projects around key Quran stories, surahs and themes

Maths, English
and General Sciences

Our learning areas

A focus on numeracy that is practical and has real-world, relevant application

Nurturing a love for reading as part of literacy and language development

Maths (Singapore based and CAPS aligned), English (Cambridge based) and General sciences (history, biology, science, geography) integrated under the theme-based approach

Individualised learning plans per student

Emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and effective communication skills will also be gently nurtured and developed within our children

A holistic and
nurturing approach

Theme-based approach (e.g. who we are, how the world works, etc) that is trans-disciplinary and integrated across subjects.

Rotational base-station learning with small groups of learners (2 to 3 at a time) at each station and the teacher as a guide to independent learning

Discovery and practical hands-on application forming the core of the learning

Practical life-skills such as gardening, recycling, composting, sewing, cooking, receiving a guest, woodwork, etc.

Outreach and community development projects to develop empathy and the duty of service

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